New Website!

Well, actually, it’s the original website with a whole new look. I decided to embrace the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/X model and use a theme that looks like those popular apps. What’s missing are the ads, messages from people you don’t know or want to know, and the scams. This is a place for us to find each other. I’m hoping to have this website up and running, well, forever. If I can’t do it, we’ll give it to someone else to run for us.

Besides the community page where you can post comments and questions, we also have Groups, where you can hang out with people for specific things, like the same grade school, etc. We also have some links at the top of the page. One for Photos (where you’ll find the Reunion photos, as well Senior Pictures, etc. One for the Library, where we’ll keep stuff like our Murals handy for reminiscing and fact-checking. And one for News where you’ll find longer magazine/newspaper-style posts from your fellow classmates.

If you are experienced in WordPress administration and have some time to help, I’d love to have you help me. If you are comfortable using a computer but don’t know WordPress, I can still use your help. We need to tag all of these photos with names before we forget someone. And I’d love to get some of your bios added to the News page so we can all learn more about how badly the teachers misjudged our futures (or didn’t 🤣).

If you have problems logging in or other questions, drop me a line –